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Work and Play in Our D.C. Apartment Community


A great work-and-life balance is crucial to a happy life: too much work, and you find yourself too tired to enjoy life’s relaxed moments; while too much play can make you lose track of your ambitions and fall behind on trends. Our luxury apartment community at The Batley allows our residents to use up their time wisely, so you’re never left wanting on a busy or laid-back day.

For starters, our cozy co-working lounge is perfect for those looking to get some overtime finished away from the office, or those who work remotely and need somewhere quiet and peaceful to focus. We have private offices and collaboration booths to help you concentrate – alone or with friends, along with a conference room to gather co-workers over charts and coffee, and comfortable fireside seating when you need that extra warmth to guide you and complimentary Wi-Fi access to search the Web at lightning speeds. Pick up all your packages during the busiest time of the year using our handy 24-hour onsite concierge service and our secure Amazon lockers. Save some gas and the environment on your morning commute by grabbing your bike from our convenient storage and repair centers, or by using our green electric car charging stations. Refresh yourself in the afternoons or wake up in the mornings at our gourmet coffee bar. Finally, clear up some clutter in your home for business or pleasure by renting one of our spacious resident storage areas.

Work smart, not hard here at The Batley. Explore our helpful D.C. luxury apartment community for yourself.