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Washington D.C. Luxury Apartments

Washington D.C.

How comfortable should beautiful be? The Batley in Washington D.C. sets the true standard. Comfortable can be beautiful, and personal. Your apartment features are designed to indulge you, first. Community amenities extend your indulgences to your friends for a perfect long weekend. But whether treating yourself or your circle of friends, you will find something special here. Discover what personal space should be in the perfect floor plan and layout. Imagine what living in a home that serves your needs really means. Freedom to live the life you want starts here. Location is still the heart of the perfect home. Your new neighborhood is home to your new favorite restaurants, hang-outs, and attractions. Surround yourself with the lifestyle you have dreamed of at home and on the town. Never miss a special moment of your new life – always find the perfect spot to celebrate victories, even inside your new home.

Beautiful Matters

Do you expect your home to deliver more than a warm welcome? Come home to more than a pretty face when you enjoy The Batley. Your entryway is more than a front door, it is a grand entrance. Step into your spacious layout that offers room to live the life you want. Imagine the room where you plan to spend most of your time. If you love eating, then that would be your gourmet kitchen. Exercise the boundaries of your imagination. Be bold in your culinary pursuits. Yours is more than a kitchen, you have a maker space. Great parties always end up in the kitchen, and yours is ready to host. For the after party, make your way to your spa bathroom and prepare for relaxation. Hot water and steam can iron out your stress, or prep you for a night out with friends. Have the life you want.

Discover how comfortable and beautiful your new Washington D.C. apartment can be. Find your new home at The Batley luxury apartment homes and the comfort of beauty.