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Washington D.C. Luxury Apartment Homes

Washington D.C. Luxury Apartment

Step towards joy when you move into the right Washington D.C. luxury apartment home at The Batley. Find what you have been looking for – a beautiful demonstration of personal comfort and convenience. Shouldn’t every square foot of your new home have something magnificent to offer? Find the layout and floor plan that will launch the next season of your life right here. Each home is fitted with luxury apartment features that make coming home your favorite part of the day. What is the only thing missing when you have everything? Friends! Treat them to community amenities that make hanging out as comfy as relaxing on your couch. Everyone can find a reason to get together. But fun with your friends and neighbors doesn’t have to stay inside your luxury community. Your new neighborhood has all the restaurants, and hot spots you want to be in tonight. Fun is just around the corner.

Social Spaces Perfected

Finding down time in a demanding city can be challenging. There are always times when work has to come home, but that doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. Opportunities to socialize while working is something you may miss at the office, but not here. Catch up on those files, as you catch up with your neighbors and the plans for the evening. Where is everyone meeting up for dinner tonight? Are you meeting your friends at that new place around the corner, or are you planning something closer to home? Communal dining, grilling, and outdoor social spaces are perfect for throwing a party. Great parties have three main ingredients – great food, great drink, and good friends. Put your magical combo together for a fantastic meet and greet among friends and neighbors. No matter what the evening holds you can be sure The Batley will have what you need, always.

Your new Washington D.C. luxury apartment is waiting for you. Come home to The Batley and discover joy in a home you have always wanted.