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Timeless Artwork in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

You could gather a lot of information within a single piece of artwork: the material it’s made out of, the culture surrounding the artwork itself, the era in which that artist lived in, and the way they saw the world. Every great work of art is an invitation to see the universe in a new way. Our upcoming luxury apartments at the Batley are close to some of the best museums in the entire nation, let alone Washington D.C., perfect for exploring on any occasion.

The National Gallery of Art is one of the largest art museums in the United States, featuring thousands of paintings, sculptures, photographs, pottery, and jewelry from around the world. It’s located within the National Mall and is no more than three miles away from our luxury apartments, allowing you to drive there in ten minutes or – if you want to save on gas and parking – you can ride the Red Metro line there in twenty minutes. This museum has a wide selection of artworks to browse, such as exquisite oil paintings from the European Renaissance, over 31,000 sketches and drawings, ancient Greek or Roman ceramics, and even modern-day films and photographs. In addition, the museum also showcases special exhibitions all year long, including select artworks from a famous artist or a tumultuous time period. Classes, tours, and gallery talks allow art enthusiasts to learn about the crafts through highly dedicated historians and fellow art lovers. Best of all, access to the permanent collection is entirely free.

Jump into a whole new realm of wonder right from your Washington D.C. home at The Batley. Check out the National Gallery of Art during your next free weekend, and sign up for our pre-leasing offers as we prepare to open this March.