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The Village Cafe Near You

The Village Cafe Near You - pic by Mariah W.

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The Village Cafe

Step into a chill vibe with coffee that you will love. The Village Cafe is what you imagine a perfect coffee shop is. Relaxed, low-key, exciting, and delicious all lives here. Their fans are talking. Mariah W. on Yelp shares, “Amazing food and the overall vibe and service knock it out of the park! Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast is FIRE. The salmon is flavorful, the avocado is fresh, and the seasoned tomatoes take it to a whole new level. Iced Chai Latte is delicious. It’s a little hard to mess this up, but I got it with almond milk, and it was delightful. Vibe: Perfect! The music is just right, the bookstore gives you something to browse through or buy from which adds to the overall experience. The people assisting you aren’t rushing you to order and they’re helpful with navigating the menu and your dietary needs. I’ll definitely return” 

Make your way to The Batley, high-rise luxury apartment homes in Washington, D.C. and enjoy gems like The Village Cafe – just steps from your door.