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Takeout From Masseria

Takeout From Masseria - pic by Matthew M. on Yelp

Enjoying a luxury lifestyle means more than gourmet kitchens and premium finishes. Of course, you will find both at The Batley, along with a high-rise luxury apartment experience you will love. Your journey starts with the perfect floorplan. Luxury apartment features and fun community amenities keep you comfy and relaxed around the clock. Local shopping and dining help you kiss your dull weekends goodbye – like takeout from Masseria. The life you want lives here, and it is waiting for you.

Takeout From Masseria

Gourmet food is ten times better when you enjoy it in your high-rise luxury apartment home as if you could improve on Masseria. Linda L. has the scoop on Yelp, “We got the Masseria a Casa carryout meal last weekend with the menu being steak tartare, lamb ragu pasta and a Brodetto (seafood soup). The Steak Tartare was delicious – you could tell it was a quality ribeye since it had a beautiful color and the slight truffle flavor was fantastic. It held up to the carryout travel time really well. The lamb ragu was probably our favorite dish. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the lamb was fall-apart tender. It was absolutely perfect.” What will your perfect takeout meal be this weekend?

Enjoy takeout from Masseria and other gems when you get a high-rise luxury apartment home at The Batley in Washington, D.C. Schedule your virtual tour today!