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Sprinkle the Spice of Life

Sprinkle the Spice of Life

Spending more time at home can lead to spending more time in the kitchen. That isn’t a bad thing, especially with a gourmet kitchen in your new luxury apartment home at The Batley. Sprinkle the spice of life into your days with cooking classes at Cozymeal. Slice and dice your way into a new hobby or perfect your performance in the kitchen. Either way, you can enjoy cooking wrapped in elegant apartment features in a fantastic floorplan. Whether you want to start from the basics of water boiling, or you’re a seasoned chef looking to polish their skills, our luxury apartments at The Batley have you covered.

Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Cozymeal is an international culinary school that features thousands of chefs, bakers, mixologists, and more from all backgrounds. They have an entire catalog of online courses that you can follow from the comfort of home. You can also drive to their nearest venue in D.C. in under fifteen minutes for in-person training. Their classes range from foundations in cooking technique to mastering flavors from all over the world. Kids can even join in the fun thanks to their Continental Cooking for Kids courses. Sign up for a class individually and show off your skills to your loved ones. You can also recruit your friends and family to join in group classes. There are also specials for team-building corporate events, schools, wedding and birthday parties, and other large groups.

Sprinkle the spice of life in your gourmet kitchen at The Batley. Sign up for an online or in-person course at Cozymeal and a tour of our D.C. luxury apartments today.