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Service Bar near The Batley

Service Bar near The Batley

Toast your good luck at Service Bar in DC and celebrate your move into The Batley, high-rise luxury apartments. Not only can you enjoy the comfortable lifestyle you deserve, but all the best that DC has to offer. Settle in and relax. Your nights belong to celebration once you live at The Batley.

DC Hot Spots

DC is known for its exclusivity. Luckily you can find welcoming watering holes where you can dump your pedigree as soon as you walk through the door. So sip and relax at Service Bar and leave your cares behind you. From mouth-watering classics and relaxed cocktails, there’s something for everyone here.

Service Bar near The Batley

Service Bar is famous for all the right reasons. In their own words, “The traditional cocktail bar was often a quiet, formal, and expensive experience years ago, and Service Bar has always strived to counter that standard. It has boasted a $7 cocktail menu (temporarily on pause due to COVID), live music, and a welcoming seat for anyone in the neighborhood. The cocktail menu changes with the seasons or with whatever inspires them at the time — one thing is for sure though, there’s always something new and exciting to try.”

Fan Favorite

Their fans are talking too. Meili L. shares on Yelp, “So glad I finally get to checked this place off my ‘must try list’. The full experience at the bar was cool that you can see the bartenders do their magic with the drinks. I love the menu selections and the glassware are fun. The side icon next to the drink name shows you what the drink will look like.”

Celebrate your good fortune with friends at the Service Bar in DC. Adventure awaits as soon as you make your move into The Batley, high-rise luxury apartments in Washington, DC.