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“Seoul” Food with a Contemporary Twist in D.C.

seoul spice bowl with rice and egg - “Seoul” Food with a Contemporary Twist

Asian food is an excellent choice for comfort food, thanks to its wide assortment of flavors and spices that fit anyone’s palate. Our luxury apartments at The Batley put you close to some of the best restaurants and fast food corners in Washington D.C., including Korean cuisine, so you’re never short on meals that warm your belly and heart. Try local favorites like Seoul Spice for “Seoul food with a contemporary twist.

“Seoul” Food with a Contemporary Twist

Seoul Spice is a local Korean café that puts a modern twist on their cuisine, making it more accessible to folks on the go. It’s only half a mile away from our luxury apartments, so you can either save gas by walking to their front door in ten minutes or have them delivered via DoorDash right to your doorstep. Each meal comes in four variants: a classic rice bowl with sushi-grade white or purple rice, the Korrito – or Korean-style burrito – wrapped with roasted seaweed, a bowl of gluten-free noodles, or a vegan-friendly salad bowl. Add a tasty protein, like spicy pork or tofu, along with seven veggies like bean sprouts, cucumbers, or kimchi—top things off with delicious creamy sriracha or Korean hot sauce, sesame oil, or crispy garlic.

Enjoy “Seoul” food with a contemporary twist near The Batley. Visit Seoul Spice and our D.C. luxury apartments for your next meal.