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Sabah Shoes in Union Market

Union Market

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Sabah Shoes – Handmade Shoes

Once commonplace, handmade luxury goods are now a true rarity. In fact, being handmade is often the sole hallmark of luxury. Now you can enjoy luxury footwear based on traditional shoe-making techniques passed through generations in Turkey. Sabah Shoes in Union Market lets you take a bold step into a new world. In their own words β€œIn 2013, Mickey Ashmore created a magical pair of leather shoes with a family of craftsmen in southeast Turkey. He called them Sabahs, an original shoe based on a traditional shoe-making method. Celebrated for their quality, comfort and unique look, Sabahs are still entirely handmade by that same family and we now travel the world selling them, one pair at a time.” On your next shopping trip to Union Market, spend some time at Sabah Shoes. Their unique, stylish, and comfortable offerings certainly offer plenty to enjoy. Treat your feet – they take you everywhere.

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