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Recreational Riddles in D.C.


Problem solving is a basic skill that everyone should be capable of, and thankfully there are multiple ways to make that training fun, whether you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles, word riddles, or even full tabletop strategy games. Here at The Batley, we have several exciting activities within our great location in D.C. to tickle your brain and your fancy, so you’re never lacking in entertainment for you and your friends.

Insomnia Escape is a highly-rated escape room experience – being 2nd on TripAdvisor’s Fun D.C. attractions list – that prides itself in its immersive and inventive escape room scenarios, both in physical and VR forms. It’s located only five miles away from our luxury apartments, though your route there may be slow due to rush hour traffic, so give yourself at least a half-hour travel time before reaching your reserved room. Each escape room allows you and a group of friends – a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 – to explore an imaginary scenario, ranging from a Stephen King-inspired room of madness to an espionage of one of the biggest mafia kingdoms to even a futuristic spaceship mystery. Your mission is to solve the riddles, unlock clues and doors, and eventually escape the room before time is up. Even if you don’t succeed, it’s guaranteed fun for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages, and it’s the perfect venue for birthdays, wedding parties, corporate team-building events, and weekend hangouts.

Break free from the monotony of your daily life at The Batley. Schedule a tour of our D.C. luxury apartments and a room at Insomnia Escape for your next adventure.