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Primetime Movies Anytime in D.C.


There’s just something so special about the feel of a movie theater: sitting in a dark, insulated room, popcorn on hand, all while you’re surrounded by clear sound and video playing out. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at The Batley put you close to a D.C. upscale theater perfect for movies, date nights, or simple afternoons where you’re passing the time.

Angelika Pop-Up in D.C.

The Angelika Pop-Up theatre in D.C. is not your average theater. It prides itself on showing exclusive indie films that are hard to find in most theaters, as well as a full restaurant for dining during the show. It’s also only a third of a mile away from our luxury apartments, so you can walk and see your preferred showing in under ten minutes. 

A Wide Selection of Movies

Angelika prides itself on its expansive film collection. Not only will you have iconic blockbusters and popular hits arrive on their big screens, but you get the chance to watch indie films from upcoming directors and actors that can only be found in select theaters. 

Wine and Dine at the Theatre 

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic bag of popcorn to accompany your movie, Angelika offers elevated snacks to heighten your experience. Adult viewers can indulge in a glass of craft beer or wine, while visitors of all ages can enjoy “funky chunky” popcorn with sweet mix-ins or homemade Spun Paradise cotton candy.

Elevate your experience with movies from home at The Batley. Check out the Angelika Pop-Up and our Washington D.C. luxury apartments this weekend.