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Practical High-Rise Luxury at The Batley


Find elegant and practical high-rise luxury at The Batley that helps you relax and gives you more downtime. The luxury apartment features in your new high-rise apartment not only help you unwind in style but shrink your household to-do list. Find all the help you need ticking off your checklist to do what luxury does best and relax.

Elegant High-Rise Interior Details

There’s something unique about life in a high-rise D.C. luxury apartment, which holds true at The Batley. Designer finishes and rich details wrap you in the comfort you deserve. So take the sting out of at-home chores like laundry and meal prep and let the amenities do their thing. Luxury makes your life easier at The Batley.

Full-Size Washer & Dryer

Whether you dread laundry day or have a fabric softener for each special occasion, your full-size washer and dryer are up to the task. Toss in your clothes, push all the buttons, then find something else to do. You are no longer stalking the softener cycle. So grab your favorite drink and relax.

Stainless Steel Appliances with a Hooded Range

Good help doesn’t end with laundry day. Enjoy the upgrade in meal prep and cleanup with your suite of stainless steel appliances with a hooded range—slice, dice, and stir-fry to your heart’s content. Cook boldly and put something incredible on your menu.

Find time to relax with practical high-rise luxury at The Batley in Washington, D.C. Feel the difference upscale living can make in your happiness. Make your move today!