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Organic Treats Right Next Door in D.C.


Everyone knows that the best produce you can find is the organic kind picked right from the tree, the vine, or out of the ground. Of course, Washington D.C. doesn’t have many urban farms, but here at The Batley, our luxury apartment residents are placed right beside the next best thing.

The Union Market is one of the top destinations in the city for fresh produce, high-quality cooking products and tools, shopping vendors, and more. It’s only five-hundred feet away from our luxury apartments, so you can grab a good pair of walking shoes and get there in a minute or two. There are thirty-eight unique vendors within the market’s open walls, ranging from delicious cuisine fit for lunch or dinner time, to great bakeries and butchers to take fresh goods into your pantry, to even trinket and novelty shops that make for great gifts or additions to your own home atmosphere. There are also several office spaces featuring great tech innovators, such as Advoc8 or Reading Partners, so you can find a proper career within just a few steps from your home environment. Meanwhile, the nearby Angelika theater offers great showings of indie films or other presentations that may go ignored in a mainstream theater nearby. Finally, even though several stores are closed for quarantine, many food vendors offer delivery or pick up options for you to enjoy.

Savor nothing but the best in organic here at The Batley. Book a virtual tour of our luxury apartments and plan a visit to the Union Market for your next adventure.