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Lyon Bakery at Union Market

Union Market

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Daily Bread

If you’ve eaten in a D.C. restaurant, you have probably started your meal with fresh from Lyon Bakery. A full scale wholesale bakery, Lyon now offers their artisan bread directly to you, at Union Market. In their own words “Lyon Bakery was founded by three like-minded friends in the spring of 2000. Skilled in the art of gourmet artisan breads, the bakery has expanded from modest beginnings into a thriving business. Today, Lyon Bakery is a leading artisan bakery that serves numerous customers throughout the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Our wide range of customers include the area’s leading restaurants, premier hotels, culinary service groups, catering companies, government organizations and gourmet delis. With over twenty years of combined industry experience, we continue to be directly involved in all areas in the business. Lyon Bakery produces a wide variety of breads made with the highest quality ingredients, freshly baked each day.”

Discover all that Union Market has to offer, starting with Lyon Bakery. Dive into the luxury of artisan bread and your new life at The Batley.