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Luxury Apartment Home in Washington D.C.

the perfect space

You know when you have found, the One. Your heart races. Pupils dilate. There’s a bounce in your step. Find the One, luxury apartment home of your dreams at The Batley in Washington D.C. Indulge in luxury apartment features of your deepest heart’s desire. Find perfect comfort and relaxation every day. Live in a home that helps you. Share your good fortune with your friends. Treat them to a long weekend of community amenities. Make every second count. Choose the floorplan and layout that helps you live the life you want.  There is also a life worth living just outside your door. Your new neighborhood is filled with your favorite places – just waiting to be discovered. Spend a long day sharing your luxury apartment community with your friends. Spend your night on the town having the time of your life. Everything you ever wanted is here. Live great.

True Love Starts with The Perfect Space

There is a lot of happiness in the right floor plan. Choose the space you need and live the life you really want. Step through your door and into a world of pure imagination. Mundane does not live here, but only the extraordinary. Your kitchen isn’t just a kitchen, but a gourmet performance space. Dazzle your palate and cook on the edge. Living and dining areas? No. Instead the hottest party in town next to the most exclusive dining spot imaginable. Although the music and mingle hang out is in your living area, all the quiet lives in your bedroom. Discover where all the comfy-cozies spend the evening when you need deep ZZZ’s. When it is time to night owl, roll into your spa bathroom and perfect your prep. When the sun rises you can retreat to your sanctuary bedroom and get ready to do it all again next weekend. Simply perfect.

Find the luxury apartment home in Washington D.C. that is looking for you. The Perfect Space is waiting for you exclusively at The Batley.