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Life is Thrilling at The Batley

Amazon Package Lockers - Life is Thrilling at The Batley

You can find every pace of life in Washington, D.C. Whether you prefer non-stop action or unplugging once you get home, life is thrilling at The Batley. Not only will you find fantastic high-rise floorplans and plush apartment features, but you can also indulge in convenient community amenities that are all about The Batley lifestyle. Get out of the rat race and start making your life easier.

Pet-Friendly Community

Pet-friendly luxury means more than a sunny spot on your premium sofa. Give Fido the special treatment he deserves with a spa day. Give him all the scrubbing and cuddles he needs with professional-grade pet wash fixtures as good as the groomers. It’s a dog’s life at The Batley, and that’s not bad at all.

Amazon Package Lockers

Whether your favorite part of online shopping is finding the perfect gift or opening it, The Batley takes the worry out of deliveries. Pick up your purchase anytime you like with 24/7 access to Amazon package lockers. Grab your stuff whenever you have time or make it an occasion. Either way, your buys will be waiting safe and sound until you arrive.

Bike Storage and Repair

Don’t lose your rider’s high to the dread of dragging your bike up to your apartment. Pop your two-wheeler into the bike storage and repair center and skip the gear grease stains on your new area rug. The bike repair center can keep your wheels turning while the storage holds your wheels securely between rides.
Life is thrilling at The Batley and super convenient too. Make your move into an upscale lifestyle in Washington, D.C., and never look back.