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History Through Performance in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

You can throw a stick in the air in Washington D.C., and there’s a good chance it will land on something monumental to United States history. After all, aside from Boston, Massachusetts and New York City, it’s the city that’s experienced the most earth-shattering changes – from the formation of the constitutional democracy that still stands as our government to various movements in civil rights and liberties for years to come. Historian buffs and city lovers alike will enjoy visiting these famous landmarks from our luxury apartments at The Batley, which puts you close to some of the greatest sights to see on your bucket list.

Ford’s Theater, for example, is a testament to both history and entertainment in D.C., and it’s only three miles away from our future luxury apartment homes – allowing you to drive or ride the Red metro lane in under twenty minutes. While this theater holds its fame for being the witness to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, it still runs breathtaking productions to this day. Visitors can tour inside the theater to explore the artifacts for Lincoln’s final days – including the pistol that John Wilkes Booth used, or they can watch a live performance of the best plays on stage from amazing actors and crew members, such as Twelve Angry Men or Fences. Ford’s Theater is available for touring from 9am to 4:30pm, while tickets for performances and tours can be purchased at the door or in advance.

Experience a wonderful performance from a piece of American history here at The Batley. Make a visit to Ford’s Theater to knock it off your to-see list, and subscribe to our pre-lease offers as we prepare to open our luxury apartments March 2019.