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Heart Pumping Happiness in Our D.C. Apartment Community

D.C. Apartment Community

No matter how tough your exercise and diet plans may get, there’s always a feeling of satisfaction when your old clothes feel loose, when you’re able to run far longer than before, when you find that you just feel better, both physically and emotionally. All of this can easily be achieved here at The Batley, thanks to our fit and friendly D.C. apartment community and the great amenities within.

For starters, our gigantic, 2,750 square foot fitness studio is the perfect starting point for any exercise routine, whether you’re just breaking in your new sweatpants and running shoes or you’re already a leg day pro. We have some of the best cardio and strength training equipment on the market, including TechnoGym brand workout machines, three Peloton bikes, and an Omnia 8 multi-station virtual trainer. There’s also ample space for warm-ups, bodyweight workouts, and yoga poses, so it’s easy to change up your goals every day. Best of all, there’s no overpriced membership, and it’s open 24/7, so you can work out at any time of day that suits you best. Want to break a sweat outdoors? Climb up to the roof during the summer and backstroke in our resort style pool, or grab your bike from our repair and storage area and ride around the National Mall or downtown D.C. Finally, let Fido join in your morning jogs thanks to our pet-friendly community and our fully-equipped pet spa.

Work towards a healthier and happier you here at The Batley. Try out our fit luxury D.C. apartment community for yourself.