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Green Almond Pantry Near The Batley

Butternut squash and goat cheese tart - pic by Diana B. on Yelp - Green Almond Pantry Near The Batley

What will you discover in your first week living in your new high-rise luxury apartment home at The Batley? When you find a rumbly in your tumbly, there’s nothing better than the Green Almond Pantry near The Batley. Here you can enjoy the convenience of advance online ordering for curbside pickup. The restaurant offers convenient pickup times so you can plan your meals well ahead of time. Of course, there are plenty of local favorites you can try in D.C., so remember to pace yourself. Go wherever your adventure takes you. You can always come home to comfy apartment features and fun community amenities. Add a heavy dose of relaxation to your lifestyle when you live at The Batley.

Green Almond Pantry

A few things have changed for Green Almond Pantry, but not the quality of their food. Natalie K. shares the scoop on Yelp, “We’ve had two excellent takeout dinners from Green Almond Pantry during the shutdown. Last night, we got a salt-baked branzino that came with an heirloom tomato salad, a roasted artichoke, green beans, roasted red peppers, and focaccia for $65. It was more than enough for two people (leftovers for lunch!). Everything tasted great, and it was probably on the healthier side of things too. We also got a slice of the olive oil cake with peaches, which was excellent. Give them some business and keep them in the neighborhood! Usually, their latest offerings are on Instagram, and they were responsive by phone when I called (since I wasn’t sure if I missed the cut-off to order).” Delicious!

Try takeout from the Green Almond Pantry near The Batley your first week in your new high-rise luxury apartment home. See what Washington, D.C. has in store for you!