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Great Rotisserie and Oven-Baked Meals in D.C.


Sometimes the best foods you could ever enjoy are the simplest ones, and yet it’s the care put into them that bring out the best flavor. Rotisserie chicken, for example, brings the right balance of smoke and fire to really embed those spices into every bite, while oven-baked pizza comes in so many varieties and with so many toppings that it’s impossible to have the same one twice. It’s hard to choose between one or the other, but thankfully, here at The Batley, our luxury apartments make that decision easier due to our great location in D.C.

Via Chicken and Pizza is pretty straightforward: it’s a local American-Italian fusion restaurant that features rotisserie style chicken, brick oven pizza, and no lack of incredible taste. Its dining room is temporarily closed in observance of quarantine, but you can still order takeout and pick up your order with a five-minute drive from our luxury apartments. Only feeding yourself? Order a quarter chicken along with a side of French fries or seasonal vegetables to fill up your belly. Have some roommates to cater to? Try one of their specialty pizzas, including the classic margherita with tomato and basil or the Diavola with spicy salami and chili pepper, or try making your own masterpiece with twenty toppings to choose from. Finally, don’t forget to finish things off with a tortino de chocolate or banana bread pudding for dessert.

Enjoy the best of smoked and oven-baked here at home at The Batley. Order a deliver or pickup order from Via Chicken and Pizza and explore our D.C. luxury apartments online this weekend.