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Dining Adventures in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Discovering the luxury lifestyle you deserve often begins with choosing the right place to live. When you choose life at The Batley luxury apartment homes in Washington D.C., you are choosing the best in luxury apartment features and beautiful community amenities. Matched with these are a premiere suite of floor plans and layouts to give you the perfect space to live the life you have always wanted. For the part of your life that happens outside your doorstep you have an amazing selection of dining, arts and entertainment venues to choose from in your surrounding neighborhood.

When you think of modern Ethiopian dining you need look no farther than Ethiopic Restaurant in D.C. In their own words “We have traveled many places and visited many Ethiopian restaurants starting from the mother land to Tanzania, Italy, Germany, Netherland, and over 20 States. However, just few of these restaurants strive to deliver an authentic Ethiopian food. We thought long and hard about offering not only an authentic Ethiopian food but also one with flair. The name Ethiopic or Ge’ez is a classical language and ancient script of Ethiopia dating back 4th century AD and which is still being used in the liturgy of many Ethiopian churches. Ethiopic’s décor is inspired by Ge’ez’s elegant scripts, Ethiopian culture, and modern day styles. Ethiopic’s ambiance is simply cozy, unique, and romantic fitting for any occasion. Ethiopic Restaurant is proud to be the first Ethiopian restaurant on the H Street corridor and intends to cater to a wide customer base. We want everyone to feel welcome and entertained. Ethiopic’s authentic Ethiopic’s authentic Ethiopian food menu will feature vegetarian, meat, poulty, and fish.”

Discover the adventure that is waiting for you at Ethiopic Restaurant in D.C. that is steps from your door when you live at The Batley luxury apartments in Washington D.C.