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DC Dosa at Union Market near The Batley

Union Market

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DC Dosa – Discover a New Flavor

Discover DC Dosa, a delicious South Indian vegetarian dosas restaurant in the heart of Union Market. In their own words – “Priya Ammu is a native of Bombay, India whose love of food developed after arriving in the US to attend university at the age of 19. While she had never cooked a dish in her life before then, her love of food was apparent from a young age… Priya’s approach to food had to be flexible, adventurous, and tasty. Her love of all cuisines was reflected in the fearless (and sometimes questionable) food she cooked, but she experimented and evolved relying on her innate ability to blend the flavors and spices she grew up with…Following long stints in the corporate hospitality and IT worlds, Priya decided to reunite with the original love of her life – food, specifically the food of her childhood, dosas.” Treat yourself and your friends to something wonderful.

Discover DC Dosa at Union Market and find your new favorite flavors. Start a beautiful life at The Batley luxury apartment homes in Washington D.C.