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DC Apartment Community That Puts Ease in Your Schedule

D.C. Apartment Community

The life of an adult is never simple. There’s always bills to pay, work to do, distances to drive, friends and family to keep communication with, and so on. However, none of this has to be overwhelming; in fact, our luxury D.C. apartment community at The Batley ensures that you have all the time you need to make the most of your day, whether you’re trimming down your to-do list or soaking up some fun under the sun.

First of all, our co-working lounge allows our residents to work right from the comfort of home. Bring your laptop and crunch down on online assignments in our relaxed and sleek social bar, give yourself some peace and quiet in our private offices and collaboration booths, or invite your co-workers to solve issues over coffee and charts in our full conference room. Pick up important packages and online deliveries at any hour using the handy 24/7 package locker service generously provided by Amazon Hub. Save on your gas bills and the environment by using our efficient electric car charging stations, our comfortable ride share lounge with a transit screen for easy tracking, or by maintaining your bike in our storage and repair centers. Refresh your energy levels at our gourmet coffee station. Keep the clutter out of your comfort zone in our available resident storage sheds. Finally, pamper your beloved cats and dogs in our pet-friendly community, which comes with a fully-stocked pet spa.

Don’t work hard, work smart from home at The Batley. Come see our convenient luxury D.C. apartment community in Washington.