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Dazzling Animal Sights and Bright Lights in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

The holidays are back in full swing. It’s almost impossible to walk around the block in such a big city like Washington D.C. without seeing dozens of strings of colorful lights, a wreath on a door, or a Christmas tree glistening close to a window. There are even signs of holiday cheer at the heart of the National Mall. Our upcoming luxury apartments at the Batley allow you to see some of the best attractions in the city, including those that are full of Christmas glamour.

From November 23rd to January 1st, 2019, the Smithsonian National Zoo will present its annual ZooLights display, opening their doors all the way to 9pm every day. Experience their new attractions this year, such as the twinkling Gingerbread Village – perfect for taking holiday photos with your family, the Reindeer Games Fun Zone – where you get to rush across a holiday-themed obstacle course and twirl on their illuminated rides, and the interactive light display that corresponds to nearby music, a great compliment to the live performances that will cycle throughout the event. Watch the radical laser light shows, or hop on the zoo’s classic Zoo Choo-Choo and view the glorious lights from your seat. Finally enjoy festive drinks like hot chocolate, spiced cider, eggnog, and coffee, or fill your belly with tasty treats like gingerbread, “glowing” cotton candy on a stick, fresh donuts, and candy canes. As with any Smithsonian museum and attraction in Washington D.C., admission is entirely free!

Bring the joy of your holiday to life here at The Batley luxury apartments in Washington D.C. Visit the Smithsonian National Zoo to see the brilliance of the ZooLights display, and sign up for our social media as we prepare to open our doors next March.