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Cozy Tavern with a Belgian Flavor Near Your Luxury D.C. Apartment

luxury D.C. apartment

Finding the perfect place to enjoy your new luxury lifestyle begins when you choose life at The Batley, luxury D.C. apartment homes in Washington D.C. Indulge yourself in a suite of premiere luxury apartment features and community amenities that you and your friends will love. Find just the right space when you choose from among a suite of premiere layouts and floorplans. Luxury and fun don’t have to end at your front door. Treat yourself and your friends to your new neighborhood and a host of dining and entertainment venues that are sure to please. Your new life begins as soon as you make your move to the lifestyle you want.

Finding a place to enjoy that all your friends will love can be harder than it should be, but no more. Find time to relax and unwind in the coziest tavern around at Granville Moore’s. In their own words “Granville Moore’s Brickyard opened its doors on August 3, 2007 as a locals Belgian beer bar with an emphasis on delicious food and rare and interesting beers. As the moules, frites, and upscale bar food began to attract foodies and beer-lovers alike, Granville Moore’s soon became a destination restaurant for more than the H Street locals. Local restaurateurs Chef Ryan Gordon and Roneeka Bhagotra provide daily support, ideas and encouragement to Granville Moore’s small but fantastic team, taking inspiration from original recipes. After 10 years, Granville Moore’s has appeared in everything from Food Network shows including “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” to national periodicals like The New York Times and Playboy. In addition Granville Moore’s food and drink have been receiving local and national accolades including 10 TIME Washington City Paper’s “Best Mussels in DC” (2008-2017). Dr. Granville Moore’s is a destination for eating and drinking.”

Find your favorite cozy tavern with a Belgian flavor near your luxury D.C. apartment when you choose life at The Batley, luxury apartment homes in Washington D.C.