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Cotton & Reed Rum Distillery in Union Market


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D.C.’s First Rum Distillery

Pioneer means daring, which is what you find at Cotton & Reed in Union Market. In their own words “Co-founders Reed Walker and Jordan Cotton became friends while working as strategists for NASA and the aerospace industry. They discovered a shared passion for spirits at work happy hours, and decided to leave their desk jobs to start a distillery called Cotton & Reed. With the help of Distiller Chas Jefferson, Barman Lukas B. Smith, and Engineer Dr. Jen Phelps, they’re distilling a portfolio of naturally complex spirits in the Union Market neighborhood. Cotton & Reed’s rum embraces the quirks and complexities of each source ingredient, using wild yeast strains and gentle hand distillation in our custom still to bring out the richest flavors each plant has to offer…our dry spiced rum that accentuates it with a one-of-a-kind botanical blend, Cotton & Reed’s products aren’t afraid to show their roots.” Delicious.

Find D.C.’s first rum distillery when you choose a life at The Batley luxury apartment homes in D.C. Come home today!