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Gourmet Kitchen at The Batley - Modern Conveniences and Peak Luxury

Modern Conveniences and Peak Luxury

The modern world grants us a lot of ease. For example, we can chat with loved ones face-to-face from all around the world from our phones. And many items you once had to quest for are now delivered right to your doorstep. Here at The Batley, we do our best to bring modern conveniences and peak luxury into our D.C. luxury apartments, so you’re never left wanting while immersed in your comfort zone. Stop dreaming and start living your best life at The Batley.

Tech-Rich Homes

Our tech-rich homes make your life easier. For example, you don’t have to worry about leaving your keys behind during your busy day. All our luxury apartments have secure keyless entry systems which a swipe of your smartphone can activate. Afterward, plug your smart devices right into our handy USB...

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Duncan one bed/one bath floorplan - Find Your Personal Luxury Space

Find Your Personal Luxury Space

Every person on this planet is unique, so why should anyone try to force us into cookie-cutter homes. Find your personal luxury space here at The Batley. We have dozens of luxury apartment floorplans for you to tour. Choose from pristine studios to larger-than-life two-bedroom apartments full of luxury apartment features you will love. You can find the right fit for your budget and needs....

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Lorighittas - Masseria near The Batley - Pic by Cynthia L. on Yelp

Masseria near The Batley

Spend your first weekend at The Batley, a high-rise luxury apartment community, making your go-to list for treats and eats in Washington, D.C. Unique local flavors are right around the corner. Try dinner at Masseria near The Batley when you crave Italian with a crafty cocktail. No matter where you search for local dining, you can always come home to comfy apartment features and fun...

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Breathe New Life Into Your Weekends

Breathe New Life Into Your Weekends

Enjoying your new lifestyle at The Batley, high-rise luxury apartment homes in Washington, D.C., means more than premium home comforts. Here you can breathe new life into your weekends with plenty of fun options. Explore all that your neighborhood has to offer. Union Market is like nowhere else. Indulge in plenty of indoor and outdoor gathering spaces you can enjoy with your new friends and...

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gourmet kitchen at The Batley - Glide Into an Easy State of Mind

Glide Into an Easy State of Mind

Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of your world is easy when you live in the right home. Glide into an easy state of mind with a highrise luxury apartment at The Batley in Washington, D.C. Treat yourself to the lifestyle you deserve. Nothing compares to highrise living in a city that sparkles like D.C.

Luxury Apartment Features

Living in elegant style is closer than you think....

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