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D.C. Apartments for Relaxing

D.C. Apartments for Relaxing

Discover the upgrade your downtime deserves with D.C. apartments for relaxing at The Batley, high-rise luxury apartment homes. Convenience never looked so good. Pick your perfect floorplan, then relax with comfy luxury apartment features you will love. Not only will you find premium finishes, but you can enjoy modern conveniences as well. Here at the Batley, our luxury apartments take modern innovation a step further. We fill our homes with some of the best amenities in the market to ensure that you and your loved ones can kick back and enjoy your day. The life you want to live is waiting for you at The Batley.

Modern Comforts Galore

For starters, our living and dining areas have hardwood inspired flooring. It’s a great match for many color schemes, and it’s easy to clean...

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Burrell 1D floorplan - Start Enjoy the Lifestyle You Deserve

Start Enjoy the Lifestyle You Deserve

Picking the perfect high-rise luxury apartment home is the first step to start enjoying the lifestyle you deserve. Find your slice of happiness in the  Burrell 1D one bed/one bath only at The Batley. Picture yourself spending your evenings in pure relaxation surrounded by stylish luxury apartment features. You can find a lot of space to relax in six hundred sixty-four square feet of living...

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Butternut squash and goat cheese tart - pic by Diana B. on Yelp - Green Almond Pantry Near The Batley

Green Almond Pantry Near The Batley

What will you discover in your first week living in your new high-rise luxury apartment home at The Batley? When you find a rumbly in your tumbly, there’s nothing better than the Green Almond Pantry near The Batley. Here you can enjoy the convenience of advance online ordering for curbside pickup. The restaurant offers convenient pickup times so you can plan your meals well ahead of...

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Outdoor lounge seating at The Batley - Enjoy a Picture-Perfect Weekend

Enjoy a Picture-Perfect Weekend

What do you imagine when you think about your perfect weekend? Enjoy a picture-perfect weekend with fun outdoor and indoor community amenities at The Batley. Discover what a difference a high-rise D.C. luxury apartment can make in your overall outlook. Celebrate your first week at The Batley, discovering all that D.C. has to offer. Explore countless upscale dining and entertainment choices...

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gourmet kitchen at The Batley - Step Into Relaxed Luxury

Step Into Relaxed Luxury

Isn’t it time to start living the comfortable lifestyle you deserve? Step into relaxed high-rise luxury at The Batley in Washington, D.C. Dive into all that Washington, D.C., has to offer as you settle into your new high-rise luxury apartment home. Go exploring. Upscale dining and shopping are never far when you live at The Batley. You can always come home to comfy luxury apartment...

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