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Live the High Life in Our DC Apartment Community

You shouldn’t have to be rich, famous, or prominent to enjoy high class luxury. Everyone deserves a moment of class, whether it’s by enjoying a fancy dinner at a high-end restaurant or upgrading your travel or event ticket into a better seat arrangement. Our luxury DC apartment community at The Batley makes it easy to pamper yourself from home, for we have everything you need to feel like you’re on cloud nine, no super expensive membership, notoriety, or worldly connections needed.

To begin with, bring some friends and enjoy some games and glee in our exclusive penthouse level clubroom, which features an entertainment bar for snacks and catering, super-comfortable lounge seating; exciting games such as shuffleboard, classic arcade machines, and a full wall for Scrabble;...

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DC luxury apartments

DC Luxury Apartments Designed for Convenience

True, life is meant to be a challenge, but it doesn’t hurt to make things easier once in a while. After all, it’s much more efficient to walk to the nearest market to grab what you need as opposed to stopping at...

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one bedroom D.C. apartment

Bowerman: Opulent One Bedroom D.C. Apartment

It’s okay to want a little extra in your life: an extra pinch of spice to bring some flavor to your dinner plate, another helping of dessert while you’re still hungry, or even a raise or a promotion at work when...

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Decadent Sushi in Washington DC

It’s hard not to admire the innovation of Japanese cuisine. Their resources were limited due to being an island country at its foundation, and yet sushi and sashimi continue to be an international staple to many families, diners, and food enthusiasts. Our luxury apartments at the Batley put you close to some of the best restaurants and cafes in downtown DC, including those that serve...

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D.C. Apartment Community

DC Apartment Community That Puts Ease in Your Schedule

The life of an adult is never simple. There’s always bills to pay, work to do, distances to drive, friends and family to keep communication with, and so on. However, none of this has to be overwhelming; in fact,...

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