Decadent Sushi in Washington DC

It’s hard not to admire the innovation of Japanese cuisine. Their resources were limited due to being an island country at its foundation, and yet sushi and sashimi continue to be an international staple to many families, diners, and food enthusiasts. Our luxury apartments at the Batley put you close to some of the best restaurants and cafes in downtown DC, including those that serve Japanese classics, so you’re never short on a fantastic meal.

KAZ Sushi Bistro is a highly rated Japanese cuisine restaurant just a short distance away from the National Mall, showcasing the freshest ingredients in each sushi roll or bento box. It’s located only three miles from our luxury apartments, and you can save on the hassle of driving by taking the Red Line train straight there. Open...

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D.C. Apartment Community

DC Apartment Community That Puts Ease in Your Schedule

The life of an adult is never simple. There’s always bills to pay, work to do, distances to drive, friends and family to keep communication with, and so on. However, none of this has to be overwhelming; in fact,...

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NE Washington DC

Beautiful NE Washington DC Apartments

Sometimes a charming aesthetic can make you feel more at ease in your home. It could be a well-coordinated color palette, a fine painting you got for a steal at a nearby gallery, or maybe some craft of your own work that you’re proud of. Our luxury NE Washington DC apartments at The Batley bring beauty and ease into every home, so there’s always something to stop and admire at.


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Cotton & Reed Rum Distillery in Union Market

Where you live can influence how you live. Start your life on the right foot when you enjoy the luxury apartment homes of The Batley. Find the floorplan that is just right for the lifestyle you want to live. Enjoy...

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Union Market

Sabah Shoes in Union Market

Discover more than an abundance of luxury when you live at Live beyond your expectations and experience personal luxury on a grand scale. This all begins when you choose the right floor plan that will host your life. A perfect layout is waiting for you. Inside each comfortable luxury apartment home is a suite of apartment features that steal the stress from...

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