Organic Treats Right Next Door in D.C.

Everyone knows that the best produce you can find is the organic kind picked right from the tree, the vine, or out of the ground. Of course, Washington D.C. doesn’t have many urban farms, but here at The Batley, our luxury apartment residents are placed right beside the next best thing.

The Union Market is one of the top destinations in the city for fresh produce, high-quality cooking products and tools, shopping vendors, and more. It’s only five-hundred feet away from our luxury apartments, so you can grab a good pair of walking shoes and get there in a minute or two. There are thirty-eight unique vendors within the market’s open walls, ranging from delicious cuisine fit for lunch or dinner time, to great bakeries and butchers to take fresh goods into your pantry, to even...

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D.C. Apartment Community

Heart Pumping Happiness in Our D.C. Apartment Community

No matter how tough your exercise and diet plans may get, there’s always a feeling of satisfaction when your old clothes feel loose, when you’re able to run far longer than before, when you find that you just...

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D.C. luxury apartments

D.C Luxury Apartments with Beautiful Design

Beauty rests in the eye of the beholder, and every home should be beautiful to its resident, whether you’re a fan of modern-style neutral tones and clean-cut edges, or you prefer the classical weaves and wood...

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two-bedroom DC apartment

Eliot: One-of-a-kind Two-Bedroom DC Apartment

Every person on this planet is unique, from the freckles on your face to the curve of your toes, so why not have a home just as special? Here at The Batley, we have dozens of luxury apartment floor plans to choose...

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The Village Cafe Near You - pic by Mariah W.

The Village Cafe Near You

Redefine what comfort means by living at The Batley, Washington D.C.’s premier, high-rise luxury apartment homes. Dive into pure relaxation every day. With the right floorplan, you can do anything. Treat your friends to the luxury apartment features you love. Luxury can be comfortable and make your life easier. Throw a party; every layout is comfy and roomy. No matter how many bedrooms...

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