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Amazing Coffee at Your Doorstep in D.C.


Half of America and virtually the entire world runs on at least one cup of coffee every morning, and it’s easy to understand why: caffeine can give you the boost you need to wake up in the morning, and with so many flavors and bean roasts to choose from you can find the perfect fit for your palate. Here at The Batley, your options for a great roast are unlimited in our luxury apartments and within our D.C. neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a local brewery that delivers an incredible quality cup of joe, especially right to your door, then Qualia Coffee may be the best choice. Their closest brewery is only a mile away from our luxury apartments, and while their dining area may be closed to respect social distancing, you can easily pick up your online or phone order through a twelve-minute walk or a four-minute drive. Their café has twenty-five refreshing beverages to choose from, ranging from their cold brews perfect for fending off the summer heat, to classic espresso shots and single-origin pour overs, to even non-coffee favorites like ginger lemonade and London Fog earl gray tea with steamed milk. Want to create your own signature brew at home? You can also order beans straight from Qualia Coffee sources all around the world, available in single purchases or in a weekly or bi-weekly subscription sent right to your door.

Start out your mornings with amazing coffee at The Batley. Make a trip to Qualia Coffee at Eckington and our D.C. luxury apartments this weekend.