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A National Marvel near Our Luxury D.C. Apartments

D.C. Apartments

There’s no point in denying the obvious: Washington D.C. is a city with its history engrained within its very heart. The nation’s most famous landmarks, museums, and sights are compounded into one big park, and it’s a bucket list for many people around the world to see. Our luxury D.C. apartments at The Batley will put you close to some of the best history attractions in the city, giving you breathtaking marvels close to home -whether you’re visiting them for the first time or the fiftieth.

The National Mall is the 146-acre park full of American culture and history, from it’s great memorials to its fully-packed museums. It’s located only three miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive there in ten minutes or, if you want to save on gas, you can take the Metro station there in half an hour. There are over dozens of destinations to see: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian Museums, the Reflection Pool, and so much more. Bring yourself over to pass a weekend and see all the wonders of the country, invite your family to take photos next to the iconic landmarks, or even participate in special events that cycle throughout the year – from political debates to holiday light shows. Best of all, many of the attractions charge little to no admission to attend, allowing anyone to stand at the cusp of history and learn.

Experience the greatest triumphs of the nation right at your doorstep at The Batley. Be sure to explore the many sights on the National Mall during your visit to D.C, and sign up for our luxury D.C. apartments as we prepare to open March 2019.