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A Magical Movie-Going Experience in D.C.


Films are some of the best forms of entertainment that anyone can enjoy: they’re inexpensive, are often short, yet tell fantastic, creative, and sometimes silly stories that provoke thought allow you to take a breather from your comparatively mundane lifestyle. Whether you’re a huge fan of summer blockbusters and superheroes, you prefer a quiet and subtle drama, or you enjoy vivid expression through art and animation, our luxury apartments at The Batley put you close to the best movie theaters in Washington D.C.

The Angelika Pop-Up Theater is a chain of movie theaters that offer a high-class and unique filmgoing experience, offering limited release showings to indie and foreign films while also offering fun events and one-of-a-kind concessions for any avid movie lover to partake. Their D.C. location is only a third of a mile away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can simply walk to the next showing of your choice in under ten minutes. Each theater has top quality audio and video technology, including 2K digital projection screens and Dolby 5.1 surround sound, along with reserved seating options so you can claim your favorite seat in the house. Enjoy a pre-show beverage out on their comfortable lounge, such as a glass of red or white wine or a bottle of their local craft beer; or grab a homemade snack for the show such as their Chaou chocolatier bars – which have maple bacon, honeycomb, and rocky road flavors – or Jeni’s splendid ice-cream cups made from scratch.

Enjoy the best of movies at the best of movie theaters at The Batley. Explore our Washington D.C. luxury apartments and the Angelika Pop-Up Theater for your next adventure.