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A Helpful and Happy D.C. Apartment Community

D.C. Apartments

When life gets crazy, it’s nice to know when someone has your back. Here at The Batley, we want to make sure that all our luxury D.C. apartment residents feel comfortable and confident in their daily routine, which is why we fill our community with dozens of amenities to give them peace of mind.

Commute Through D.C. with Ease

For starters, our luxury apartments make it easy for its residents to get around this historic city. We’re a short walk away from many markets, restaurants, and shops, perfect for quick grocery trips or impromptu outings with friends. You can also take advantage of nearby sustainable transportation, such as our bike storage and repair facility, our electric car charging stations, or the nearby Metro rail.

D.C. Apartment for Restful Remote Work

If you work remotely, whether by choice or by regulation, then you can take advantage of our work-from-home areas. We have a casual coworking lounge with a social bar and fireplace seating for those who like gentle ambiance, while our private offices and collab booths are perfect for those who need to focus. There’s even a presentation-ready conference room for large projects and meetings with coffee.

Ease for Your Four-Legged Friends

Finally, our amenities are not just limited to humans. Our pet-friendly community allows you to play outside with Fido out on the private courtyard or rooftop deck, while our pet spa lets you give Mr. Whiskers his weekly bath.

Take a well-deserved breath of relief here at The Batley. Take a closer look at our luxury D.C. apartment community this weekend.