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A Delightful D.C. Day Spa


Sometimes your body can use a little rest from your daily routine, it’s achy from overworking or from a build-up of stress, you’re having a harder time falling asleep every night, or the winter chill seeps into the pores of your skin. Our future luxury apartments in D.C. at The Batley will give you all the opportunity you need to relax, but if you need something a little extra, our location puts you close to the best massage parlors and day spas in the city.

The Bluebell Spa in D.C. is a day spa skilled in ultimate stress relief, rated #2 on Yelp’s Top 10 Day Spas in the city for its high-quality professional masseuses and its superb selection of natural remedies. It’s located no more than four miles away from our luxury apartments, allowing you to walk in or arrive for your appointment in twenty minutes by car or forty minutes by the subway. Choose from seven unique massage techniques, from the general relaxation of the signature Bluebell massage, the athletic-preferred sports massage, or the comfortable Swedish massage with extra aromatherapy pleasing to the smell as well as touch. There are even massage packages available for couples – perfect for date nights or girl’s day out – and for pregnant women. Refresh your skin on your face through soothing facials, microdermabrasion, gentle chemical peels, and dermaplaning. Finally, first-time visitors get an added bonus and receive a discount on their service: $5 off for sessions up to sixty minutes, and $10 off services seventy-five to ninety minutes.

Melt away your worries against a soothing touch close to home at The Batley. Schedule an appointment at the Bluebell Spa for unforgettable stress relief, and sign up for our social media as we prepare to open our luxury apartments in D.C. this March.