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1 Bed/1 Bath Bliss in D.C.

1 Bed/1 Bath Bliss in D.C.

Everyone dreams of paradise – that one place you can find bliss and lay all your burdens down, even if just for a little while. What if you could bring paradise home? Better still, what if your home could be the sanctuary you have been looking for? Moving to The Batley will change your thinking about what home should be. Discover apartment features focused on luxury at a personal level. Beautiful, convenient, and comfortable – your home should never be taxing. Find the floorplan for the life you want, and enjoy your personal luxury inside the right layout. Bliss follows you out your front door, especially in the community amenities built for socializing and making new friends. Clear your calendar, your weekends are about to fill up. Whether you have lived in this city before or are new in town, there’s plenty around to explore and enjoy. Have fun tonight!

Brock 1B 1 Bed/1 Bath

There’s a ton of bliss to be found in the Brock 1B 1 Bed/1 Bath. You will be amazed how much fun can fit into 653 square feet. Leave your cares at your doorstep and kick your shoes into your coat closet. Take a deep breath, and relax. Wander into your well-appointed gourmet kitchen and find something red delicious to sip as you think about what you want for dinner. Should you try the recipe you downloaded from Pinterest, or is tonight calling for the convenience of take-out and binge-watching? Whether you want to try that recipe or call out for delivery, relaxation is on the menu. Maybe tonight calls for bringing the squad together and trying that new place down the street. A night out needs a trip to your bedroom and a stop in your walk-through closet. A quick touch up and you’re ready for fun.

Find 1 Bed/1 Bath bliss in D.C. when you move to The Batley. Your personal sanctuary is waiting just for you.